Hannibal Season 3 Review

It was clear for everyone to see in the first couple of episodes of season 3, that Bryan Fuller doesn’t care about ratings at all, all that matters is making a good show and credit to NBC for allowing him so much freedom to express himself. I guess all good things must come to an end though.

It was slower than ever, in terms of the pace of development of things, however we got to see so much happen, from wrapping up a trip in Italy, to getting involved with the Tooth-fairy as the Red Dragon arc comes into play. The most amazing part of season 3, as it has been for the whole duration of the show, is the remarkable way the characters are depicted and the interactions between them, especially after thinking back on what happened in the first 2 seasons.

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen really give some of the best performances throughout the season.  They have so much room to show the acting talent they possess in abundance, as we dig deep into the state of mind of both Will and Hannibal and they truly hit the ceiling with their work.  We get to explore all of the main characters a lot more, in season 3, and they are all more or less mentally and physically changed after the events of season 2 (as one would expect),  and the whole cast really is amazing, especially the aforementioned ones.  Moreover Richard Armitage is added to the mix and he really took me by surprise with his excellent performance.

Hannibal, the show still maintains of course its unique charisma, from those trademark beautiful shots, the controversial gore and violence, to the cannibalism and the great cooking sessions that accompany the intense dialogues that always take place between some of the most fascinating characters of television.


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