Spy Review

Spy is a movie about a CIA desk analyst, who is required to do some undercover work and ends up being in the center of an operation attempting to save the world in the face of definite global disaster.  Sounds like the n’teenth movie we’ve watched over the years with the same old plot.  Well beside a few changes, it is mostly true, however a great cast, a very smart script and fun directing by Paul Feig, make it a worthwhile 2 hours, despite the premise not being very original.

Melissa McCarthy gives a mighty performance in the lead of the film; she is simply amazing with her incredible comedic prowess that we are now starting to get used to, as she keeps doing all the right things in every scene to get the most laughs possible.  She is of course accompanied by the also great Jason Statham who shows that he is capable of producing a very funny performance and also Jude Law doing his charming agent thing with the necessary charisma you would expect of him.

There isn’t a lot to say, without giving anything away and there isn’t really anything to criticize.  Most of the thing the movie does, it does well.  It has some great comedy bits and also some nice action sequences to get the adrenaline going.  It’s everything you would want from a light-hearted film with the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and her antics.

Everyone enjoys a good comedy and a good spy movie, and equally a mix of the two genres.  Well, every once in a while a great one comes around and it’s time to sit back and enjoy.



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