Shouldn’t superhero movies have there own genre?

Actors that star in original and remake/reboot movie part 1 | part 2

Contemporary Sherlock Holmes part 2

Contemporary Sherlock Holmes part 1

The Pleasure of Cinema Popcorn and the Displeasure it causes

Why 3D cinema is to be disliked

The Feeling of Loss after Binge-watching

Most anticipated 2015

Why I won’t be watching the new Star Wars trailer

How did we get here (Ignorance is a blessing)


  1. Hey thanks for liking my blog post. I just read a few of your reviews. Very well written and good no-spoilers. I have a question. How do you access and view so many films and tv shows. I get that you’re a fan too, but do you get advanced screenings or copies? Great work and in the morning I’ll get to more of your reviews. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the like on one of my first reviews. I am very new to this and I really appreciate the support from an experienced reviewer. Also, your posts are great.

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