X-Men: Days of Future Past-The Rogue Cut Review

First off, the original cut by itself, is amazing, the best x-men movie to date, it has everything, from drama, to hilarious moments and exciting action sequences that leave the viewer in awe.

We are used to Hugh Jackman being the lead in the X-men movies, and that is again the case, as he leads the gang in the quest of survival and of course delivers as he only can.  Furthermore it was really great to see the original cast and the First Class cast together, a humongous ensemble in a humongous blockbuster.

The presence of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, even for a limited amount of time, takes the movie to a different level, both because we are used to seeing them in their roles as Professor Xavier and Magneto respectively but also because they are respected legends of the business.  Moreover it was great to see the contrast between the older aforementioned characters next to their younger selves portrayed by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, something that is enhanced by the Rogue Cut (there is a sequence when the movie interchanges setting).

Bryan Singer really takes the franchise to a different standard with this installment.  There isn’t a moment that is dull or uninteresting.  With truly engaging storytelling, impeccable performances required by the complex and dynamic characters, stunning visual and sound effects that bring everything to life.

The “rogue cut”, is probably what they had in mind to release in the first place, however due to the movie being too long, they decided to cut the sequence involving Rogue and probably rightly so.  It’s not that it feels out of place or anything, but it just doesn’t add anything new to the story other than Rogue and a few more action scenes.




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