True Story Review

A simplistic, minimalist movie about a journalist taking interest in a murder case and the main suspect. Studying both characters’ actions throughout, and grasping at straws in order to figure out the truth, despite how clear and believable the general consensus seems to be.

I’ve seen a lot of comments about miscasting the actors for the two main roles, with James Franco and Jonah Hill taking on that responsibility. However I felt that especially Franco hit the nail on the head with his performance, that of an unemotional and cryptic persona. Nothing special from Jonah Hill, neither bad nor good, he was decent in a role that didn’t allow much room for anything worth mentioning. On the other hand Felicity Jones, once again showcased her acting ability, in the limited amount she was involved; she has the making of a great actress.

Everything is on the simple side of things, never overcomplicating anything just for the sake of it, with very little up in the air, mostly conflicting emotions and opinions. It’s a movie that doesn’t involve anything fascinating, it’s just an intriguing story that holds up very well until the very end, providing us with food for thought with every questionable decision.

Thought-provoking at the very least, but don’t expect an action packed thrill-ride.



  1. From reading your overview, it seems that the movie is more serious and less comedy. How do you feel that two actors who typically are cast in comedic roles (Hill more often than Franco) handled the change of pace? I feel like I live under a rock, I’ve never heard of this movie but it sounds interesting, based on your review.


    1. It’s not just less comedy, there isn’t one bit of comedy in the movie. Both actors have played in more serious roles before, and did a great job. Don’t forget Franco has an oscar nod for 127 hours and Hill has 2 oscar nods for wolf of wall street and moneyball, so I don’t think there was every a case of having difficulties with the change of pace.

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      1. I’ve definitely seen Franco take on more serious roles, but unfortunately like I said, I live under a rock so I haven’t seen Jonah Hill in anything serious so far. I always enjoy seeing actors who are typically typecast take on different kinds of roles. Will definitely be checking this one out, thanks!

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  2. Ah man I knew the film wasn’t gonna be the best. But hey I haven’t seen it.

    I’m like wait when this thing come out lol.


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