Scream Episode 1 review

The only positive note, was the beginning, a nod to the beginning of the Scream movies, and a good way to start things off. After that it was all downhill, boring characters, mediocre acting, premise that could have been made up by a 10 year old, all the high school cliches one could think of, thrown together in a 40 minute episode.

There is no real substance to the show, there aren’t even the elements that would make it a suspenseful thriller and definitely not a horror series worth watching. Everything is too goofy and feels more like a student project rather than a professional TV series.

Hard to get through the first episode, let alone watching the rest of the season.



  1. I fully disagree. Though most of the characters aren’t really likable, the show fits the mold of the movies minus of course the change to the mask. apparently you didn’t review this after 2-3 episodes. you have to remember shows have to get their groove. The first episode or the 2nd are usually always ‘practice’ so to speak. You might want to watch more episodes as there’s a deep mystery. I have the suspect narrowed down to 3-5 people but I doubt it will be right. There’s loads of Red Herrings etc.

    I am behind on writing reviews as I was away but when it’s publilshed that review will be found here


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