Orphan Black, The Comedians season Review

Orphan Black season 3

This has been one of my favorite shows, for the last few years.  Started off with great promise and potential and the way it evolved and developed in the first 2 seasons, was fascinating.

The third season started off relatively relaxed and without too much happening, however after a few episodes the plot thickened a lot.  Maybe mixing up too many subplots together and taking it a bit too close to the unrealistic at times, it still remained interesting, mystifying and action packed throughout.  With great additions both cast and character wise, it was refreshing to get a different view at the matter at hand, and also finally see how deep the whole cloning situation goes.

Tatiana Maslany remains pivotal to the show’s success as she continues to showcase her dynamic range of performances with every character she portrays.  Although it didn’t reach the levels of the previous seasons and it peaked closer to the middle part instead of the finale, it was very good and entertaining as always.


The Comedians season 1

The season premier was a let-down.  I have been anticipating the show for a little while now and I was expecting a lot more, especially from Billy Crystal but also from Josh Gad.  Yet the first episode didn’t help in setting the necessary building blocks for a good season.

Thankfully as the show progressed and as the viewer familiarized themselves with the imaginative Crystal and Gad and their television personality, everything became funnier and the chemistry between the two actors grew just like it did between their TV personas. The most disappointing aspect of the season, was the supporting cast, almost none of them did anything to justify their inclusion and certainly didn’t improve the show.  With one exception that springs to mind, that of Denis O’Hare as the FX network president, who unfortunately was only part of 5 episodes and for limited amount of time.

In conclusion, a half decent season, let’s see if it gets renewed for a second.


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