Zootopia Review

Zootopia tells the story of a young bunny who wants to become the first rabbit cop in the history, in a world where anthropomorphic animals are split into two categories, predators and prey, who have now seemingly resolved their issues and live united.

Ginnifer Goodwin voices, excellently if I may say, the lead character, Judy Hopps, the optimistic, big planner, good Samaritan bunny. Jason Bateman plays the voice of a sly fox, called Nick Wilde, who is a bit of a wildcard and sort of lives on the edge in terms of illegal activities. Bateman is good in the role, but I wasn’t convinced he was the best fit for the role, or the way he went about the role was the best. Nevertheless, I enjoyed his performance, since I quite like him as an actor in general. A few other notable performances are Idris Elba and J.K Simmons, who have very distinct voices and styles and especially the former, who is definitely a great voice actor (confirmed after seeing The Jungle Book).

On the story side of things. This movie hits all the right notes, there might be a bit too much exposition and stating the obvious scenes, but I shouldn’t complain too much about that, as the movie is meant for kids as well as adults. However, the narrative unfolds in a very interesting and thought provoking manner. The best aspect of the movie has to be the sort of detective/neo-noir vibe that it gives off. It’s astounding the way its integrated in the story and should make for a few jump scares for the younger generations. Moreover, there are so many things that the film has to say about the world we live in, and so many well written real world parallels, it gets you thinking throughout.

This movie is one of the most thought provoking animations you will ever see. Can’t wait to see it again.