Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines Season 1 Review

The show began with a very cryptic tone, without giving much information in the first couple of episodes.  At about halfway through the season, it had been made clear to the audience what was really happening and most of the mysteries had unraveled.  And that’s good, they didn’t rely on the mystery aspect to make it interesting, they rather took the risk to explore different, more interesting themes and got their rewards for that willingness to not follow the same pattern.

The show had a great story to tell, combine that with solid acting and script throughout, with the distinction of Matt Dillon and Melissa Leo, who were both outstanding, and great production all around, they achieved a season of good quality and entertainment value.  One of the things that was really great to see continuously during the show was that Wayward Pines the town, always looked a bit fake and had a bit of a model look to it and I thought that was great touch, as it is a big part of the show and was vital in creating the right emotions.

At times the show did become frustrating, as some characters’ actions seemed a bit unrealistic and out of place, but I guess that is bound to happen in a town like Wayward Pines.  The scope and direction of the plot kept changing and diverting, with different story arcs and without ever really giving the viewer a chance to settle and predict what is going to happen with certainty.

The finale was probably the best part of the show, a very good place to end either the season or the series as a whole.  I definitely wasn’t expecting it to end with that Planet of the Apes-esque ending, which really gives you something to think about.

Started on a high and ended on a high. Peaked at the right moments


Wayward Pines-Ep. 2 Review

Building up on the blocks set in place from the first episode, this time we are thrown in the deeper ends of Wayward Pines driven by the sound of Matt Dillon’s deep and authoritative voice which adds a more enigmatic touch to an already dark backdrop. We get to see more of the unpredictable citizens of the town and more from the creepy sheriff portrayed impeccably by Terrence Howard.

The more we get to see the more interesting it gets, everyone is covered by questions marks, we keep hearing and seeing more of what this god forbidden town is about but we still don’t know what anyone is capable of and how far they will go.

Another episode that keeps the suspense going throughout. Even though most of the major mystery surrounding the city and unknown is gone by the end, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and probably a lot more will arise. You just get the feeling that the intensity will be present during the whole season and that is more than enough to keep watching, unless something goes completely awry.

With both episodes that have been out, Wayward Pines cannot be taken lightly, it’s so thrilling and intriguing that we just have to see what’s going to happen next.


Wayward Pines Ep. 1 Review

First word that comes to mind after watching the first episode is Mystery.  Such an Intriguing story, with peculiar events happening that by the end of the episode as you might have already guessed, it will leave you wanting for more.  It’s just so perplexing at times and enigmatic, we don’t get a straight answer.

Matt Dillon got me on the edge of my sit half way through the episode and I remained there until the end.  He portrays Ethan Burke, a Secret Service agent with a few mental issues, and he gives me the chills every time he gets agitated about something.  His voice pierces right through me every time and Dillon’s interpretation of the character makes the story so much more cryptic, it’s like everything is trying to keep us away from the truth.  Can’t talk about the other actors because that would be a bit of a minor spoiler for the nit-picky, so let me just say, they are great.

Something tells me this is one to watch, it’s going to be a very interesting story to say the least and it’s surely going to be provide us with an enthralling watch.  Hopefully I am not wrong on this one, I am putting my neck on the line after all.

Try not to break your mind watching it.