The Feeling of Loss after Binge-watching

Whenever we watch all the episodes of a TV show in a short period of time (essentially binge-watch) whether that show has ended or it’s still ongoing, we are filled with a feeling of loss.  It is as if we have lost something and it has left a void in our lives.  It’s a different feeling from the one we get when our favourite TV series ends or gets cancelled, that is probably just sadness and nostalgia.  This is deeper and quite terrifying when you think about it.  We invest so much time in the characters and their story over a just few days and we end up making a connection with them.  Most of the time after the end of the binge-watch we end up looking on the internet for more videos and stuff that involve the same actors, or characters so that we can fill that void.

In fact a study was made on binge-watching and they say that their findings in the research show that those who feel more depressed and lonely tend to watch more programs.  I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it. A different study, which I consider closer to the truth is that stopping binge-watching has a similar response to giving up food or substances.  There are no side-effects, however the feeling of needing it all the time is there.

Maybe we should be more careful of what we watch and for how long…after I finish binge-watching Daredevil.