10 Cloverfield Lane Review

10 Cloverfield Lane, tells the story of a young woman, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is taken to an underground shelter without her knowledge, after being in a car accident. She doesn’t know what exactly has happened and is trying to figure everything out while the whole situation is completely unknown to her.

One of the best aspects of the movie, is that it creates palpable characters that react in believable ways to a very irregular situation. There is not a single moment in the movie that the viewer feels that the actions of the character are outside the realm of possibility, no moment that occurs just for the purposes of moving the narrative forward. Director Dan Trachtenberg makes sure of that and despite this being his first feature movie, makes sure that his actors hit the nail on the head with their performances.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives one of her best performances to date as she manages to create a very tangible character and considering there are a lot of tough scenes, she does all the right things, playing with the correct emotions and actions. Then there is the small matter of John Goodman, who is absolutely marvellous in the movie. He works so expertly with a strong sense of mysticism and a character that is seemingly interchanging mental state.

Dan Trachtenberg does an absolute fantastic job at the helm of the movie. Bearing in mind this is his directorial debut, there is no getting around the great way he directs the movie. He uses the story’s strongest points to create a very intense setting and using great sound mixing he chooses his moments well, to take a relatively quiet movie into a loud and frantic world, that surprises the viewer. The third act is breathtaking and represents exactly that facet of the film. It’s so quick in changing what preceded it, after it’s over you don’t know what hit you.

A very good, suspenseful thriller, stunningly captured on film.



The Gift Review

The Gift is a movie about a young married couple that moves to California for a new start and run into an old acquaintance, who supposedly went to school with the husband.  He is peculiar to say the least.  Joel Edgerton wrote, directed and stars in the movie along with Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall.  Despite the great cast, and the solid performances all three delivered, the real star of the movie is the writing and directing by Edgerton in what is his directorial debut.

He wrote an incredible script, which creates an absorbing narrative and is paced to perfection.  The three main characters are very carefully and cleverly explored throughout the movie.  We keep learning more and more about them with each passing minute as more and more information comes to light, and it’s not until the final few scenes that the viewer can truly understand them and know more than just what they seem on first look.

Edgerton describes his movie as a “suburban horror story with no blood”, and although there are a few jump scares and a sense of terror is built as the story unfolds, it is more of a thriller and a good one at that, with great cinematography, music and sounds that enhance the suspense and can give you the creeps.

Not only is this a piece of high quality entertainment, it’s also a good study of real life situations whilst also delivering a strong message. There is great depth to the movie and Joel Edgerton gets the most out of his script with some impressive directing.


Wayward Pines-Ep. 2 Review

Building up on the blocks set in place from the first episode, this time we are thrown in the deeper ends of Wayward Pines driven by the sound of Matt Dillon’s deep and authoritative voice which adds a more enigmatic touch to an already dark backdrop. We get to see more of the unpredictable citizens of the town and more from the creepy sheriff portrayed impeccably by Terrence Howard.

The more we get to see the more interesting it gets, everyone is covered by questions marks, we keep hearing and seeing more of what this god forbidden town is about but we still don’t know what anyone is capable of and how far they will go.

Another episode that keeps the suspense going throughout. Even though most of the major mystery surrounding the city and unknown is gone by the end, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and probably a lot more will arise. You just get the feeling that the intensity will be present during the whole season and that is more than enough to keep watching, unless something goes completely awry.

With both episodes that have been out, Wayward Pines cannot be taken lightly, it’s so thrilling and intriguing that we just have to see what’s going to happen next.


Ex Machina – Review

Alex Garland in his directorial debut, does a wonderful job in bringing the story that he wrote to life. With a minimalistic implementation of his ideas and keeping the exterior as simple as possible he manages to craft an edgy and tense Sci-Fi thriller.

Oscar Isaac is probably the shining light in this movie and once again captivates the viewer with his performance. He takes the form of the character he portrays and remarkably encapsulates his enigmatic and dynamic personality.

It is an intriguing story which sets up things in the most fascinating way, seemingly taking a different approach in working around the AI theme than of those we’ve seen before, but in the it ends up being within the the mold of AI thrillers that we have experienced multiple times. It’s missing in depth exploration of the characters; it unravels too fast and that proves to be its demise. The worst aspect of it is its predictable unpredictability, we might not know exactly how the narrative will unfold, however there are only a few viable options which are crystal clear.

Overall it is rather well made, but what starts off very brightly, doesn’t leave up to what it was building up to be. Maybe due to time constraints but in the end, it leaves a bitter taste and a feeling of what could have been if we had been given the opportunity of a more in depth look rather than just scratching the surface.


Gone Girl-Review

Directed by the master of suspenseful thrillers, David Fincher once again pushes the story to the boundaries, while maintaining the highest possible level of character development in a movie he manages to keep the audience on the edge of their sit with his ability to shock and surprise.  Fincher didn’t make everything happen on his own of course, he was given a great story by Gillian Flynn who wrote both novel and screenplay, and he manages to use the emotion and atmosphere that is depicted in the story and paint clear pictures through filmmaking that mirror reality.  He expertly executes his vision of the narrative and comes out with a stunning result that leaves viewers with agape mouths.

Moreover in addition to Fincher’s masterclass, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross provide the best possible music score, a disturbingly haunting composition which complements the film’s theme to the maximum and enhances the tension in every scene.

Rosamund Pike gives a fascinating performance that is part of the reason why by the end of the movie everyone is left in awe, along with Ben Affleck’s honest and underrated performance and a great effort by the whole cast bring this complex story to life.

The movie takes us on a thrilling ride, benefiting from Fincher’s genius and ability to take us into the deeper ends of the story challenging us to follow it as it unravels.  It allows the viewer to grasp the journey to its fullest, to understand the characters and their actions and maybe even relate, to some degree at least.

A must watch, David Fincher piece of art


Movie Review-Blade Runner

I don’t usually write reviews about older movies, but in the light of the re-release in the cinema of the Final Cut version and me taking the opportunity to visit the theater and watch it again, I thought I would give my thoughts on this timeless classic.

The story introduces us to a futuristic world, with new technologies expertly depicted on screen, considering it originally came out 33 years ago. It’s visually stunning and it never ceases to amaze me, how Ridley Scott and his crew managed to capture the essence of a dystopian society so well, that the thought of it becoming reality accomplishes to agitate the viewer.

Credit has to be given to Harrison Ford, cast after the success he had portraying Han Solo and Indiana Jones, both similar to his character Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, personified by their sarcastic wit, cool-guy attitude and being attracted to the opposite sex. He shows his charm in being the lead and his ability to never stop entertaining, by embodying his character’s main aspects as mentioned before.

Very important to the believable retro-future dystopia is the music composed by Vangelis, mostly with the use of synthesizers, he manages to complement the neo-noir and dramatic elements of the movie masterfully and provides the film as envisioned by Ridley Scott a more dark and ominous tone.

A Science Fiction masterpiece, a must watch and worth revisiting for any movie fan.