Steven Spielberg

Bridge of Spies Review

Bridge of Spies is about an American lawyer trying to defend a soviet spy during the Cold War, and the outcome that his actions have not only for him and his family…

Tom Hanks is superb in the movie, he makes it looks so effortless, it’s easy for the viewer to buy into the character, to empathise, and to feel like him. He achieves that covetable connection with the audience that very few actors are capable of.  The supporting cast is excellent as well and especially Mark Rylance, who along with Tom Hanks, in scenes they appear together, give you the chills with their exceptional delivery of well written, powerful dialogue.

Bridge of Spies tells a great story, with a great script, written by the Coen brothers and Matt Charman, and inspired directing by Spielberg. Although, a bit slow off the mark, it’s an intense and emotional ride. There are some truly shaking moments in the movie that say a lot about the time they are taking place in but also some heart-warming scenes that take your breath away.  No matter how you slice it the fact that it is based on true events makes it even more absorbing to watch.

“Bridge of Spies” is one of the best titled movies you are ever going to see.  Three words that say as much about the movie as any spoiler-filled trailer out there.  It’s a brilliant movie; a Steven Spielberg classic for the ages.

Once again a collaboration between Spielberg and Hanks leads to a fantastic film. 


Shouldn’t superhero movies have their own genre?

In the past few days there has been a discussion about Superhero movies and how a time will come when they stop being so loved by the audience, in a similar way to how Western films were the be all end all at one point and now we only get one every year or two.  Well I guess anything is bound to become a talking point when a legend like Steven Spielberg is the one that makes the comment.

That is an interesting topic, nevertheless I wanted to turn the angle just slightly, and instead of focusing on the future where Superhero movies die, to their present dominance in the film industry and their categorization.

It seems crazy to me, that after a series of box office hits and successes of comic book adaptations (including Batman, X-Men, Avengers, Superman and so many more), that increase with each passing month, we still see them being categorized in a varying range, from Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi to Crime, Drama, Thriller omitting one very important word that would be 100% accurate and true to the actual genre.  Action, Adventure is more often than not correct, however Sci-Fi and Fantasy don’t really cut it in terms of giving a complete interpretation.  It is very much like categorizing a Western as an Action, Adventure or Crime, Drama, without using the actual name of the genre; hence the audience isn’t able to comprehend the actual content of the film.

Haven’t we had enough time to get used to the superheroes dominating box office time and again? Shouldn’t we be at a point where we can agree of a genre-categorization that would encapsulate all that comic book-adaptations/superhero movies are about, so that it can be described correctly and accurately instead of being an opaque Sci-Fi, Fantasy, like it is now?