Spotlight Review

The film tells the story of a group of investigative journalists that operate in a team called “Spotlight”, for newspaper Boston Globe and the work they do to uncover a disturbing scandal in the city of Boston, which led to shedding light on similar situations all over the world.

The ensemble cast is fantastic, each and every one of them, from Michael Keaton to Rachel McAdams, everyone delivers a great performance that truly captures their characters. Everybody had clearly researched the actual person they were portraying and it really shows. Mark Ruffalo was the most absorbing one by far, it’s crystal clear that he spent hours with the real Mike Rezendes and tried to embody him, echoing the way he talked and moved.

The script is brilliant and allows the movie to unravel before the viewer’s eyes stripped of any great over dramatization of events just so that we could scream Oscar at the end of the movie or to create enthralling suspense. It doesn’t try to manipulate the viewer with over the top scenes, overkill fear, or emotional music, even though the music is absolutely gripping by Howard Shore. The main target is to tell the truth.

Tom McCarthy nails it with the direction of the film, he doesn’t try to make the movie to attract a big audience but rather chooses to focus on telling the story (I don’t know how close to the actual facts) with a sense of realism and believability. Any suspense is created from the development of the narrative and the information brought to the audiences’ attention through the characters.

Exceptional storytelling that doesn’t rely on facades to engage the onlooker, but rather on laying the disturbing facts in front of our eyes.