Creed Review

Creed tells the story of Adonis Johnson, son of legendary boxer, old rival and friend of Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed. This time not written by Stallone, instead Ryan Coogler takes over the reign as writer/director.

Michael B. Jordan is in the lead of the movie, playing the troubled Adonis who has his mind set on becoming a professional boxer. Jordan not only bulked up physically to take on the role, he also gives a great performance that along with the fantastic writing, allows the viewer to really delve into Adonis’ mind set. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa and even though he doesn’t get involved in the ring, he has other things on his mind and different kind of fights to tackle. Sly delivers one of his best performances ever, in the role that made him in the 70’s he comes to knock it out of the park some 39 years after the first Rocky came out. He knows Rocky inside out and the character has developed so much in front of our eyes, it’s an absolute joy to watch him once again.

Ryan Coogler has a new vision for the series. He brings in a new leading character to the scene and also some fresh ideas to a worn out genre. The directing is superb throughout the whole movie but it’s in the boxing scenes that it really excels. Boxing is as good as it’s ever been and probably more believable and more suspenseful. There is an extraordinarily shot boxing match which is done in a single take without cuts and is simply stunning.

The writing for the movie is perfect. The development of the main characters walks a fine line between clichés and originality and although many of the themes we have already seen before, they are very well carried out. The dialogue, especially between Adonis and Rocky is great and when it got emotional, I couldn’t help it but feel the lump in the throat myself.

Lastly Ludwig Goransson has written some of the best music of the year, in film. I would go as far as say it’s a masterpiece of a music score. It’s mindboggling to me, as to why it wasn’t at least nominated for an Oscar, and I know it reuses some of the old music but it’s ridiculous nominating Star Wars which has even more reused tracks, instead of this.

A rollercoaster of emotions for any fan and a great addition to the series, which can only be compared to the original Rocky in terms of quality.