The Nice Guys Review

The Nice Guys is set in 1970s LA and it tells the story of a private investigator, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, and an enforcer played by Russell Crowe, who get in each other’s way whilst trying to investigate a mysterious death.

Both Gosling and Crowe, are outstanding in the film and have amazing chemistry together. They are great actors as it is, but it’s the comedic texture of their characters that makes their performance a great one. Nevertheless, the surprise comes from Angourie Rice, who plays the teenage daughter of Gosling, and she is absolutely fantastic, especially when she is used to bring out the inappropriate adult jokes.

The script is extremely smart, hilarious and more importantly original. The comedy is used in a very witty way and in no way utilized just to fill in the cracks left by plot holes as it so often happens. The writing is exceptional, and through a very interesting and intriguing narrative the comedy is allowed to breath and bring the audience to the floor at times with huge bursts of laughter.

It’s a neo-noir film, very reminiscent of other Shane Black movies, but mostly of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It is very much similar to that, and is the type of film, that Black knows how to do very well, with his writing and directing style. The Nice Guys is a very bold project, considering that movies like this aren’t really thriving at the moment and the cast and crew should be applauded for taking on what they knew wasn’t going to be a huge box office success. Yet they have made a timeless movie.

The production design, the music, the editing everything is done to a tee and it makes the whole experience feel like the 70s. It achieves that detective vibe that is so rare nowadays and is a treat to watch and enjoy.

One of the funniest movies of the last few years with lots of character and style.



Movie Review-Blade Runner

I don’t usually write reviews about older movies, but in the light of the re-release in the cinema of the Final Cut version and me taking the opportunity to visit the theater and watch it again, I thought I would give my thoughts on this timeless classic.

The story introduces us to a futuristic world, with new technologies expertly depicted on screen, considering it originally came out 33 years ago. It’s visually stunning and it never ceases to amaze me, how Ridley Scott and his crew managed to capture the essence of a dystopian society so well, that the thought of it becoming reality accomplishes to agitate the viewer.

Credit has to be given to Harrison Ford, cast after the success he had portraying Han Solo and Indiana Jones, both similar to his character Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, personified by their sarcastic wit, cool-guy attitude and being attracted to the opposite sex. He shows his charm in being the lead and his ability to never stop entertaining, by embodying his character’s main aspects as mentioned before.

Very important to the believable retro-future dystopia is the music composed by Vangelis, mostly with the use of synthesizers, he manages to complement the neo-noir and dramatic elements of the movie masterfully and provides the film as envisioned by Ridley Scott a more dark and ominous tone.

A Science Fiction masterpiece, a must watch and worth revisiting for any movie fan.