Mad Max

Actors that star in original and remake/reboot movie

Sometimes, something odd happens.  An actor reprises their role or a different one for one of the countless remakes that come out each year (Cameos don’t count).

Here is the first part if you haven’t read it.

Peter Dinklage in Death at a Funeral (2010)2010_death_at_a_funeral_wallpaper_011

Family chaos at a funeral.  That was quick.  Pretty much the same movie released at different times. In 2007 came out the original British Production and Hollywood was quick to act with a 2010 remake (an unsuccessful one) and Dinklage portrayed the same character in both; the dwarf.

Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again (1983)19_20_jet-pack-thunderball-1965-sean-connery

James Bond.  This is a weird one.  One could call this more of a re-adaptation of the book, but it still counts as a remake, since a movie with the same story preceded it, Thunderball in 1965, and they mostly used the same screenplay alas with a few changes.  I guess one James Bond movie wasn’t enough that year and maybe Sean Connery wanted to take the spotlight away from Roger Moore who was the current 007 at the time, and reprise his role after 12 years.

Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard (2005)13-the-mean-machine-longest-yard-1975-fictional-sports-teams

Prison inmates form a football team, led by a former pro, to challenge the prison guards.  Reynolds plays the pro quarterback leading the prisoners in the original in 1974 and then that of Coach Nate Scarborough in the remake with Adam Sandler.

Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek (2009 and Into Darkness 2012)LO_Nimoy11091

Well Star Trek the new generation, a reboot of the franchise which can be sought as a sequel, especially with the late Leonard Nimoy reprising his Vulcan persona and the quite common references to events in previous movies.  A peculiar inclusion to the movie, Nimoy has been doing some time travelling in this one, as he spectates from afar for the most part, Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Hugh Keays-Byrne in Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Finally the reason behind this actor reprising matter, Byrne. mad_max_fury_road_immortan_joe_by_maltian-d89hlf8 The latest actor to star in a reboot.  George Miller called it a revisit, but for the sake of argument let’s not overcomplicate things and call it a reboot.  In the original Mad Max 1979 Byrne portrayed the villain known as “Toecutter” leader of a motorcycle gang.  Back for Fury Road he again took the role of the villain “Immortan Joe” and helped make the film a thrilling ride.

Mad Max: Fury Road-Review

It’s madness throughout. The movie is one single, never ending action sequence, from start to finish, one simply cannot take a break from this breath-taking spectacle. If you thought you were in for a ride, you were right, but it’s probably a bigger and more intense ride than you expected. There is not much in the way of story depth, character development or dialogue, after all there is no time for that nonsense, the images on the screen do all the talking by themselves.

Amazing and spectacular are the words best suited to describe the filming, editing and soundtrack of this two hour enthralling ride. One can only admire the work that was put into it. It’s so masterfully created, that the results are stunning.

George Miller is back at the helm of the Mad Max “revisit” as he calls it, (it can be thought as a reboot or sort of sequel, it all depends on opinion) directing Mad Max for the fourth time in as many movies in the franchise. A character who has to be his greatest creation, set in a dystopian Australia where civilization has collapsed, and all that is left is a desert ruled by crazy Wastelander gangs that are almost as mad as Max himself.

The story, (some might argue that it doesn’t exist) is linear with no real depth, there is no getting to know the characters, no acting masterclass nor is there an introduction to the scenery either. However that doesn’t matter at all since the brush strokes by Miller are supremely executed, the way he brings the most lifeless desert to life on the screen, is to die for. All you can do is try not blink because you will most likely miss something exploding or destructing. Just enjoy the ride through the ruins of civilization.

I can spend a lot of time singing the praises for the production of the movie, probably as long as you will be wondering how they managed to film all those brilliant action scenes, but I would rather go on to recommend it to anyone that enjoys a well-made action film, some might even call it an Action masterpiece, I will leave that for you to decide.