Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Season 5 short review

We’ve come to expect a lot from Game of Thrones, with amazing depth in the setting and characters, great dialogues, intense sword fighting, and most of all captivating storytelling. Yet every single aspect which the series has been excellent at, seems to have taken a step back, beside one. Is it that we’ve gotten used to the plots and betrayals, the unexpected outcomes or is it that it was simply a mediocre season?

We all know by now, that the story unravels quite slowly and we don’t expect or mind the pace, there are plenty of other shows like that. Nevertheless this time around it felt more stagnated than ever. There was a continuous feeling that it derailed from the main story and took more of a filler approach with no extensive developments to the actual “game of thrones”, with most of the wannabe heirs to the throne messing around or being messed around, not even taking part.

However the one aspect of the series that remains intact and never ceases to amaze, is the spectacular production of a show of such massive magnitude. We witnessed some of the best and most fascinating action sequences, taking the bar to a whole never level. At times it was better than most movies; but they ode to provide at least that, with their humongous budget.

Overall a borderline acceptable season, for a show of this calibre. In one word, disappointing.