Joel Edgerton

The Gift Review

The Gift is a movie about a young married couple that moves to California for a new start and run into an old acquaintance, who supposedly went to school with the husband.  He is peculiar to say the least.  Joel Edgerton wrote, directed and stars in the movie along with Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall.  Despite the great cast, and the solid performances all three delivered, the real star of the movie is the writing and directing by Edgerton in what is his directorial debut.

He wrote an incredible script, which creates an absorbing narrative and is paced to perfection.  The three main characters are very carefully and cleverly explored throughout the movie.  We keep learning more and more about them with each passing minute as more and more information comes to light, and it’s not until the final few scenes that the viewer can truly understand them and know more than just what they seem on first look.

Edgerton describes his movie as a “suburban horror story with no blood”, and although there are a few jump scares and a sense of terror is built as the story unfolds, it is more of a thriller and a good one at that, with great cinematography, music and sounds that enhance the suspense and can give you the creeps.

Not only is this a piece of high quality entertainment, it’s also a good study of real life situations whilst also delivering a strong message. There is great depth to the movie and Joel Edgerton gets the most out of his script with some impressive directing.