Miles Ahead Review

Miles Ahead is definitely not your regular biography movie. It is a kind of biopic, which tells the story of Miles Davis, through a fictional narrative, that involves a late 70s Davis, at a point where he isn’t very involved with writing music.  This allows Don Cheadle, the director of the movie to give the viewer as great an understanding of Miles Davis as is possible to do through a film.

Don Cheadle portrays Miles fantastically well. Cheadle carries a Jazz-star aura, a musical quality and intensity to his performance that brings the best of the rest of the cast as well. Something he’s capable of doing as an actor and can be said for most of his performances. Alongside him is the incredible Ewan McGregor who plays a journalist from Scotland, and the two together make for the best possible duo. They are funny, serious, entertaining and more importantly enthralling to watch throughout the film.

Don Cheadle in his directorial debut has done an incredible job. He has managed to depict Miles Davis through the years, without doing the common chronological order biopic that we are used to. But rather a more charismatic fictional tale, that is used as a platform, on which aspects of Davis’ life and career can unfold. The music plays a big factor of the movie, as it did in Davis’ life, and it’s so expertly interleaved with the story and the use of flashbacks that massive credit has to go both to Cheadle and musician Robert Glasper.

Miles Ahead is a superb movie, with great performances and great direction. Definitely worth the hard work from Don Cheadle, after all he has been trying to do this for the best part of a decade.