James Bond

Spectre Review

Spectre is your regular James Bond movie; 007 is on a mission-leaves a mess behind, gets told off and we are off. The intro is great, accompanied by Sam Smith’s amazing “Writing’s on the Wall” (still not as good as the Skyfall intro but that was perfect), nothing less than what you would expect.

The directing is of top quality, Sam Mendes doesn’t have the best of scripts to work with, but he makes do with the tools he has at his disposal. With a great trademark car chase, great angles in hand to hand combat scenes, and some really great action sequences throughout that are masterfully shot. Except for the inclusion of the odd, tedious shaky camera effect, Mendes did an excellent job.

Daniel Craig is by now one of my favorite Bonds, if not my favorite. It’s the way he carries himself as James Bond, he embodies everything the characters should be about. He possesses the suave that the character is known for but he also adds the emotional side to it and not only when it comes to women. Whilst on the actor front, it’s worth mentioning that Christoph Waltz doesn’t disappoint, however, unfortunately, his screen time is limited.

The plot doesn’t particularly hold up to the Skyfall or Casino Royale standards. It doesn’t contain any major twists or unexpected outcomes, it’s very straightforward. It’s a bit of a classic James Bond movie in that regard, filled with over the top and impossible acts, cheesy and unrealistic conversations that are in place just to fit the plot and move it forward.

It might not be an Oscar contender for best picture, but it’s entertaining, intense and has everything you expect from a James Bond movie.


Actors that star in original and remake/reboot movie

Sometimes, something odd happens.  An actor reprises their role or a different one for one of the countless remakes that come out each year (Cameos don’t count).

Here is the first part if you haven’t read it.

Peter Dinklage in Death at a Funeral (2010)2010_death_at_a_funeral_wallpaper_011

Family chaos at a funeral.  That was quick.  Pretty much the same movie released at different times. In 2007 came out the original British Production and Hollywood was quick to act with a 2010 remake (an unsuccessful one) and Dinklage portrayed the same character in both; the dwarf.

Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again (1983)19_20_jet-pack-thunderball-1965-sean-connery

James Bond.  This is a weird one.  One could call this more of a re-adaptation of the book, but it still counts as a remake, since a movie with the same story preceded it, Thunderball in 1965, and they mostly used the same screenplay alas with a few changes.  I guess one James Bond movie wasn’t enough that year and maybe Sean Connery wanted to take the spotlight away from Roger Moore who was the current 007 at the time, and reprise his role after 12 years.

Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard (2005)13-the-mean-machine-longest-yard-1975-fictional-sports-teams

Prison inmates form a football team, led by a former pro, to challenge the prison guards.  Reynolds plays the pro quarterback leading the prisoners in the original in 1974 and then that of Coach Nate Scarborough in the remake with Adam Sandler.

Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek (2009 and Into Darkness 2012)LO_Nimoy11091

Well Star Trek the new generation, a reboot of the franchise which can be sought as a sequel, especially with the late Leonard Nimoy reprising his Vulcan persona and the quite common references to events in previous movies.  A peculiar inclusion to the movie, Nimoy has been doing some time travelling in this one, as he spectates from afar for the most part, Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Hugh Keays-Byrne in Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Finally the reason behind this actor reprising matter, Byrne. mad_max_fury_road_immortan_joe_by_maltian-d89hlf8 The latest actor to star in a reboot.  George Miller called it a revisit, but for the sake of argument let’s not overcomplicate things and call it a reboot.  In the original Mad Max 1979 Byrne portrayed the villain known as “Toecutter” leader of a motorcycle gang.  Back for Fury Road he again took the role of the villain “Immortan Joe” and helped make the film a thrilling ride.

Actors that star in original and remake/reboot movie.

Sometimes in the ocean of remakes in Hollywood, they decide to recast actors that starred in the original. (Cameos don’t count because they occur more often than not).

Michael Caine in Sleuthsleuth_movie_image_michael_caine_and_jude_law

Sleuth is a movie about a meeting between Andrew, an older married man and a young handsome man called Milo. Andrew thinks the latter has “stolen” the heart of his wife.  They then proceed in engaging in a battle of wits to see who will come out on top.  Michael Caine portrayed the younger man in the original in 1972 with Laurence Olivier as the married man, and then in the remake in 2007 took the role of Andrew with Jude Law in the role of Milo.

Judi Dench in James Bonddaniel-craig-judi-dench-skyfall

James Bond needs no introduction and for those that have watched the recent movies neither does Judi Dench in the role of ‘M’ (M is the head of MI6).  She was firstly cast in the James Bond movies starring Pierce Brosnan, starting with Goldeneye in 1995  and then she was recast in the Jame Bond reboot with Daniel Craig, with the first movie being Casino Royale in 2006 .

James Garner in Maverickmaverick show

Maverick is originally an American western TV series which run from 1957-1962, and James Garner portrayed Bret Maverick,  who is a poker-playing rounder, who travels around looking for high stakes games.  He later regained his role as Bret Maverick in a series sequel in a show that run from 1981-1982.  After that he was cast as Marshal Zane Cooper in the movie Maverick in 1994 with Mel Gibson starring as the homonymous character.