Jake Gyllenhaal

Demolition Review

Demolition tells the story of an investment banker, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who after a specific occurrence which happens to him, goes on a bit of a rampage in his desperation to connect with something or someone.

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors of his generation. He chooses roles and new projects as good as anyone and especially small indie movies that resonate well with audiences. He is once again outstanding and had this movie been released closer to awards period, he probably would have gotten some Oscar buzz. There’s another outstanding actor in the film and his name is Judah Lewis, a 14-year-old who came out of nowhere, yet his performance is one of a rock star and it should put him firmly on the Hollywood map.

Bryan Sipe is the man responsible for the screenplay of the film and he has got to receive all the plaudits for one of the best written movies in the last couple of years. From start to finish he unravels this not very uncommon narrative, but with a very distinct texture, such charisma and unpredictability it’s hard not to enjoy every moment of it. He finds the smartest ways to tell the story the way he wants without going out of his way to get something in for the sake of it. Aided by very good directing, the story is allowed a flow and edginess whilst not constantly attempting to fill it with pretentious arcs and clichés.

The movie rides a very fine line between comedy and drama. It’s not very often that a movie is so funny but also so intensely dramatic at times. Pardon me for the cliché, but it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, without drowning itself on its emotional dynamism, it thrives on it, as it lets the viewer inside, giving the reasons and explanations behind everything that happens.

An exceptional piece of storytelling with tremendous acting.


Southpaw Review

Southpaw is a very emotional ride, following the story of a great boxer, who after being on top of the world, is facing difficulties and obstacles along the way as his tries to overcome them and regain his prior mental integrity.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the lead of the movie, and he proves to be a real force of acting, as he once again masterfully portrays another complicated character with his dynamic performance. Gyllenhaal is physically transformed for this role, but he doesn’t stop at the physical side of things, he also manages to embody the mental side of his character (similar to his work in Nightcrawler) and proves himself as the best aspect of the movie. Forest Whitaker is also great, as the support to Gyllenhaal, and the two of them work great together on screen, feeding off and bettering each other in the process.

There isn’t a lot in the film that we haven’t experienced before, in terms of plot and characters. However Antoine Fuqua is too smart to let that harm the essence of the movie. He lets the best means at his disposal, his actors, show their worth by giving them more than enough to work with and by complimenting them the best he can, with some impressing camera work. The boxing is captured as good as I have ever seen, with the audience being at the heart of things and without relying on cheap techniques, like shaky cameras and the changing of angles in order to make it look realistic.

Overall it’s a movie worth watching, due to the heartfelt acting by amazing its actors, a stunning piece of music score by James Horner and a very smart directing by Antoine Fuqua, which makes this a very good and absorbing movie, despite its linear storytelling and common premise.