Jack Black

The Brink Season 1 Review

Although the premise of the show is very straightforward, the US government, but really just the United States Secretary of state is trying to prevent World War 3 in the light of a geopolitical crisis taking place in Pakistan, the show is quite peculiar, mostly due to its weird and exaggerated characters.

The success of the show relies on three main comedic duos, which have amazing chemistry and work extremely well together.  That of course comes down to some fantastic writing of dialogues and a great cast consisting of Tim Robbins, Maribeth Monroe, Pablo Schreiber, Eric Ladin, Jack Black and Aasif Mandvi.  There is a continuous verbal back and forth that goes on between them, as they get into some unbelievable situations and always deal with them in the most unexpected and unconventional manner, always leading to some hilarious moments.

The show is in the form of 30 minute episodes, however each episode picks up wherever the last one left off, and in the grand scheme of things, it is very similar to a 5 hour movie, in that there are no jumps for the characters since we follow them around watching closely whatever they are on to, except maybe a few plane flights here and there.

Overall the first season of The Brink offered great entertainment, with a great ensemble to act on a very smart and different script.  Totally worthwhile if one can enjoy good comedy.