Breaking Bad-Full Review (No Spoilers)

Breaking Bad demonstrates the power of television, with some of the most fascinating episodes ever broadcasted, with captivating acting and stunning film-making.

Bryan Cranston’s performance is simply breathtaking. Every actor in the show did an excellent job, especially Aaron Paul, who was stupendous, but Cranston was just different class from everybody else. Everything starts and finishes with his performance, he is the alpha and the omega. One of the best performances I have ever experienced and it
lasts for 5 whole seasons. How was that even possible I will never be able to understand. He is always at it, being Walter White and he manages to shine. He gels everything together, even during the first two seasons when the story feels a bit stagnated, and generally whenever that happens, he still comes out on top, keeping the viewer at the edge of their sit.

We could talk about the inaccuracies and things that wouldn’t realistically happen, people not reacting as people in real life would, but then if we are looking for something that is as dull and uninteresting as our daily life then why are we even watching movies and TV shows (there are some exceptions of course-see:Boyhood).

The intricate way that the series is shot has left me in awe. Not sparing any expense and taking the time to take shots from different angles, different places just to make it more immersive, making it feel as if we are spectating from up close. Shots from shovels, vacuum cleaners,from under glass, in the ground, every place that you could think of. Taking us further and deeper, not just scratching the surface, both metaphorically as a TV series and literally.

The music in the show is absolutely superb, every song, every piece of music, or even every sound they decided to include was spot on, augmenting the feelings of the viewer that occur in any particular scene, anxiety, suspense, happiness, enjoyment, everything was masterfully executed.

The montages of cooking, dealing, killings, daily routine or anything that they were supposed to show, were expertly implemented, choosing the best possible song that would complement the picture on screen the best.

The whole story from start to finish was as absorbing and interesting as a story can be, and it’s the fundamental building block that makes the show so good. Even at times when episodes were more filled with Marie and Skyler boring us to death with their whining wife stuff, I was still interested to see what Walter will do next. Just about the middle of part of season 4 and up to the end of season 5 (every episode in season 5 was absolutely astonishing, masterpiece of a TV series season) Breaking Bad provided us with some of the best, if not the best television that one can see.

If you haven’t watched it, you probably should just because of season 5 alone, but be warned, it’s not gonna be easy, some episodes are very wearisome, mainly up to season 3.


TV review-The Comedians Episode 1

In a world where Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are very dull and unfunny. Hopefully that world will change, it will just be the case that the first episode was introductory and a one off.

Even thought it’s a satirical comedy, you would expect with the names associated with it, that it would have been at least a bit funny, at the very least a few good jokes.  However, but the end of the episode I came to the sad realization that I had not laughed, not even once during the duration of the show, maybe a couple chuckles at best.

On a positive note, the show seems to execute the documentary-style series quiet well and it feels as if we see what the actors do when they are not actually performing, like being able to get a glimpse of their life. Billy Crystal has a different role to what we are used to, a bit more serious rather than the wacky characters he usually portrays, even though the tv show has a wacky and weird feel to it, it reminds me of the usual weird tv shows on FX, oh wait…

For the sake of the people involved and how good they can be, I hope it gets better. I am confident it will.


The Last Man on Earth and its cartoonish vibe.

Is nobody else reminded of Tom & Jerry and other similar cartoons when they watch The Last Man on Earth?

I have had this thought on my mind for a few episodes now, but the last two (them being episode 7 and 8) have really empowered that thought in my mind.  Without going into any spoiler territory and trying to keep this thought of mine as short as possible, it feels as if the main character of the show, Phil has very akin characteristics to Tom, if we are to continue with the Tom & Jerry example.  He is consistently coming up with new ideas with a solely narcissistic aim, to get himself something he really wants, whatever that may be.  However time and again he falls just short of his goal and in the end somehow “his Jerry” manages to elude him.

TV review-iZombie Episode 2

In iZombie’s second episode we are thrown right in the mix with the characters as if we had been watching the show for a long time now-somehow it manages to feel familiar.  Liv is such an entertaining persona, with new aspects to her character, something which seems to be a theme that will occur every week, that always provide a good chuckle, augmented by another fine performance by Rose McIver. The witticisms and puns she continuously makes always hit a nerve and never fail to be hilarious whilst she remains very likable and charming in her own weird way.

This week we got to see a bit of the villainous side of the show and it got just a bit more interesting even thought it is not evident as of yet what the angle is.  However it was a good development to the base story that was already in place as of the last episode.  Another solid and entertaining episode accompanied with discovering a potential nemesis for Liv are elements that make for a week of  enhanced anticipation until the next episode.

Episode 2 in any series is usually what defines if you are really into it and you want to keep watching or you think that it is just  not good enough, or at the very least it’s when you make an assessment and decide if you should stop watching or not (sometimes you need to watch 3 episodes to make that decision).  As for this particular episode 2 it definitely gets the green light to keep watching.  It will take a huge (negative) effort to stop me from watching the rest of the season.


TV review – The Last Man on Earth ~Episode 1-2

Talk about innovative and new ideas.  Most of the time we slack Hollywood for reusing and recycling the same stories, similar characters and all the rest of it.  However this time they take a rarely used concept and make something out of it.

Will Forte as the creator and writer of the show, has done a brilliant job, to first introduce the character with a rather explanatory and tone setting first episode with less laughs and more drama and then a funny, diverse and more than entertaining second episode.  He also stars in the show and he delivers to the maximum.  Combining both physical comedy and also smart script which never fails to be hilarious.  Needless to say the decision to air the first two episodes together was a stroke of genius, since they compliment each other so very much.

The Last Man on Earth has already people talking about it and I am very interested to see how Will Forte decides continue the story.  Can he keep things funny and entertaining with this minimal cast or will more people be added to keep things interesting.  For now, everything that has happened within the show has worked a charm and I am not to bothered about what’s to follow but rather excited and anxious. It’s a must watch show for anyone with an appreciation for comedy.


TV review- iZombie Episode 1

Interesting, smart and frivolous, those are the 3 most accurate words I can think to describe the first episode.  Liv Moore, the main character portrayed by Rose McIver who is as suited to the role as one can be, encapsulates perfectly all of the main features of the show and then some.  It’s a bit too early to make a call on the supporting cast, but one thing’s for sure, nobody and nothing looks out of place.

Whilst the premise of the show is quiet silly and most definitely not what you would call a quality TV series, it seems as if it’s capable to still be quiet interesting and provide solid entertainment for however long it may last. It combines two of the most common narratives in film and TV industry, Zombies and police procedural, putting its own spin on the numerous cliches and making it promising and exciting to see where the creators choose to take this.

From the first episode it looks like it’s not horror nor drama, it is very much a crime satire with touches of drama. Check it out if you are looking for something lighthearted to get you through the week.  It is bound to become a guilty pleasure for many and I am sure the hardcore fans won’t take long to make an appearance, and who knows it might even get better, after all this was just a first taste of what the show is about.