I don’t think anyone ever expected a fairy-tale themed TV show would be this funny. Credit to the writers who managed to bring to television something new, that we haven’t experienced before and still make it interesting and entertaining enough to satisfy audiences. It walks along a fine line of a mixture of the fundamental building blocks of musical animated movies and parodies and it’s a joy to watch.

It helps of course when a legend of the business is involved, Alan Menken, the 8 times Oscar winner that composes the music who along with Glenn Slater that writes the hilarious lyrics that accompany it, make the musical part of the series a highlight and something to anticipate. The songs, very similarly to those in Disney animated movies, couldn’t be catchier and add another dimension to the story.

The “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” similarities are present of course, as you would expect from a medieval times parody that mocks most of the existing cliches without just being a silly exaggeration of everything but rather a well thought execution of innovative ideas. The fact that it brings memories from that classic is just another complement for the show.

Even though it was feared that the first season was all we were ever going to see from Galavant, surprisingly the show got its reward for being innovative and loved by enough people that it got renewed for a second.

Recommended to anyone looking for something new and funny on TV.


Here is the intro:

Kingsman: The Secret Service-Review

I’ve read and heard a lot of opinions where people praise the movie because as they say it tried to, and succeeded in deconstructing the spy film-genre. That is not true, it takes all the aspects that one would anticipate to see in a secret agent movie, action, twists, fancy gadgets, interesting heroes and villains, and mixes them up in an exaggerated way, which we’ve witnessed more and more in recent years, yet without breaking the mould.

Its strongest suit, is the ability to make the audience laugh continuously throughout the whole duration of the film. The exaggeration of every situation and the utilisation of aspects found in both British and American spy movies, allow for a plethora of amusing moments. The story is set in England, hence the British element is more distinct and that works in favour of getting the audience to embrace the narrative due to it resembling a very well-known secret agent; a certain James Bond.

Great cast that complement the story massively, yet the most important member of cast and crew is the director, Matthew Vaughn. His projects in the last few years have all been very entertaining, his writing and directing makes movies a thrilling ride and he always manages to the get the most out of the story, Kingsman is no different.

All and all, an action-comedy that has a very strong comical attributes that set it apart from a lot of other feel-good spy movies that have fallen short time and time again in recent years.

Hilarious and very enjoyable, just not as innovative and amazing as some people make out.


TV review-Better Call Saul Season 1

Early on it becomes apparent that Jimmy McGill is Saul’s real name. A good fellow that seems to always put his interest on par with the interest of his clients, you might even say that he is more favourable towards the people he is helping (being clients or not) than himself. At times he leaves himself exposed and goes in great lengths for the benefit of others even if that means sticking his neck out. On the other hand we can see how Jimmy might become Saul, for those that are familiar with him from his Breaking Bad time, since we get frequent flashbacks to his old self, who based on all accounts, was quite the cheeky con man, “Slippin’ Jimmy” as they call him.

The best part of the season has to be the “Slippin’ Jimmy” flashbacks, they were full on funny and entertaining and always gave us some insight on who this Jimmy fella is and some clue on where our beloved Saul Goodman is hiding. Up there with the best moments was the story arc of Mike Ehrmantraut, another of the Breaking Bad characters, and his interactions with Jimmy. Jonathan Banks once again gives an amazing performance as Mike, the low profile but hands on action “grandpa”.

Most of the time the show remains low profile its self with not many, if any, overexciting episodes that keep you on the edge of your sit. It’s mainly a character development season with a good, solid narrative that leaves you wanting more.

It was a very good introduction to the first steps of Saul Goodman in the law business and for those that appreciate the Breaking Bad comparisons, it was probably slightly better than the first two seasons of that show and certainly more enjoyable, without the wives or the boring parts.


TV review-The Comedians Episode 1

In a world where Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are very dull and unfunny. Hopefully that world will change, it will just be the case that the first episode was introductory and a one off.

Even thought it’s a satirical comedy, you would expect with the names associated with it, that it would have been at least a bit funny, at the very least a few good jokes.  However, but the end of the episode I came to the sad realization that I had not laughed, not even once during the duration of the show, maybe a couple chuckles at best.

On a positive note, the show seems to execute the documentary-style series quiet well and it feels as if we see what the actors do when they are not actually performing, like being able to get a glimpse of their life. Billy Crystal has a different role to what we are used to, a bit more serious rather than the wacky characters he usually portrays, even though the tv show has a wacky and weird feel to it, it reminds me of the usual weird tv shows on FX, oh wait…

For the sake of the people involved and how good they can be, I hope it gets better. I am confident it will.


The Last Man on Earth and its cartoonish vibe.

Is nobody else reminded of Tom & Jerry and other similar cartoons when they watch The Last Man on Earth?

I have had this thought on my mind for a few episodes now, but the last two (them being episode 7 and 8) have really empowered that thought in my mind.  Without going into any spoiler territory and trying to keep this thought of mine as short as possible, it feels as if the main character of the show, Phil has very akin characteristics to Tom, if we are to continue with the Tom & Jerry example.  He is consistently coming up with new ideas with a solely narcissistic aim, to get himself something he really wants, whatever that may be.  However time and again he falls just short of his goal and in the end somehow “his Jerry” manages to elude him.

TV review-iZombie Episode 2

In iZombie’s second episode we are thrown right in the mix with the characters as if we had been watching the show for a long time now-somehow it manages to feel familiar.  Liv is such an entertaining persona, with new aspects to her character, something which seems to be a theme that will occur every week, that always provide a good chuckle, augmented by another fine performance by Rose McIver. The witticisms and puns she continuously makes always hit a nerve and never fail to be hilarious whilst she remains very likable and charming in her own weird way.

This week we got to see a bit of the villainous side of the show and it got just a bit more interesting even thought it is not evident as of yet what the angle is.  However it was a good development to the base story that was already in place as of the last episode.  Another solid and entertaining episode accompanied with discovering a potential nemesis for Liv are elements that make for a week of  enhanced anticipation until the next episode.

Episode 2 in any series is usually what defines if you are really into it and you want to keep watching or you think that it is just  not good enough, or at the very least it’s when you make an assessment and decide if you should stop watching or not (sometimes you need to watch 3 episodes to make that decision).  As for this particular episode 2 it definitely gets the green light to keep watching.  It will take a huge (negative) effort to stop me from watching the rest of the season.


TV review – The Last Man on Earth ~Episode 1-2

Talk about innovative and new ideas.  Most of the time we slack Hollywood for reusing and recycling the same stories, similar characters and all the rest of it.  However this time they take a rarely used concept and make something out of it.

Will Forte as the creator and writer of the show, has done a brilliant job, to first introduce the character with a rather explanatory and tone setting first episode with less laughs and more drama and then a funny, diverse and more than entertaining second episode.  He also stars in the show and he delivers to the maximum.  Combining both physical comedy and also smart script which never fails to be hilarious.  Needless to say the decision to air the first two episodes together was a stroke of genius, since they compliment each other so very much.

The Last Man on Earth has already people talking about it and I am very interested to see how Will Forte decides continue the story.  Can he keep things funny and entertaining with this minimal cast or will more people be added to keep things interesting.  For now, everything that has happened within the show has worked a charm and I am not to bothered about what’s to follow but rather excited and anxious. It’s a must watch show for anyone with an appreciation for comedy.


TV review-Shameless Episode 9

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season and totally encapsulated what the show is about. We are really starting to see inside Carl’s brain and understand what he is thinking and it seems that he will be very important to the development of the narrative with his deranged, gangster like attitude. We didn’t get to see much of Ian or Debbie, which is not a bad thing as their story arcs this season haven’t really set the world alight. The star this week was Frank, once again finding new interests to keep feeding his addiction, no not alcohol but that of doing crazy, stupid things. However he is a bit cryptic this time as he is yet to reveal his angle on this new interest of his.

All the characters that got some real face time, moved into interesting territories and it seems like we’ll get new situations to entertain us. It was mostly a funny episode whilst not forgetting to include a few more serious tones to it; it was rather enjoyable.


Movie Review-Horrible Bosses 2

For the majority of the film the silliness and stupidity of Kurt and Dale, that Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day excellently portray, accompanied by the more serious but equally crazy Nick, played by the stupendous Jason Bateman is very funny but during certain scenes it starts to feel a bit too much and somewhat forced leading to a few moments where the jokes fall a bit flat and end up making the characters look like straight-out imbeciles (mostly Kurt and Dale).

The story follows a similar approach to the first movie but still tries to mix things up, making it a familiar but different narrative, not often the case in comedy sequels where they attempt to replicate the successful formula of what preceded. It unfolds at a fast pace with a few twists along the way, some expected and some not, always keeping things interesting and more importantly entertaining.

Chris Pine shows that he has real comedy chops as he has a significant role in the film and is pure genius in his role as Rex. Everything he touches in the movie turns into comedy gold. He works so well with the 3 main stars and whenever the four of them appear on screen at the same time, it’s not just raining, it is pouring laughs.

All the actors that appear in cameo roles, Christoph Waltz, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston do a good job to add an extra dimension to the movie and help exaggerate a few situations a bit more to squeeze a couple more laughs.

The movie is a very fun ride and the quick tempo allows the comedians in the lead to do their magic and get the most out of a good but sometimes laboured script by providing us a plethora of laughs.