Coen Brothers

Hail, Caesar! Review

Hail, Caesar! is a story about a movie studio fixer, played by Josh Brolin, in Hollywood in the 1950s, the job he does in order to keep the movie stars in line and anything else that needs to happen so that the movies can be completed and the studio can be successful.

Josh Brolin is great as the fixer, never resting, always on the lookout to repair or prevent any trouble that might come the studio’s way. He proves to be a very calm figure for the most part, but when he needs to up the intensity, he does it with ease. It’s a cultured performance and one that will go unnoticed, even though it warrants more respect. George Clooney is outstanding as the big movie star. He carries that star quality, as Clooney does, but also adds the comedic elements extremely well. Alden Ehrenreich is surprisingly the one that steals the show at times as he has the funniest moments in the movie.

Despite the big acting names that appear in the movie, the real stars of the film are the Coen brothers. They instil that peculiar style that they always have in their movies, making sure that there is more to it, than what simply meets the eye. They grasp the opportunity that the 50s setting allows, making fun of so many situations that played big part at that time in Hollywood and probably nowadays as well.

The movie is visually stunning, with excellent cinematography by Roger Deakins. However, one of my favourite aspects of the movie was the music score, by Carter Burwell. It’s absolutely fascinating, especially in a movie like Hail, Caesar! which has so much room for different kinds of music, from an epic theme on the Roman empire and Jesus, soviets and communism, sailor dancing, to film-noir, simply put, everything.

A satire about Hollywood in the 50s, created from the unique minds of the Coen Brothers.


Bridge of Spies Review

Bridge of Spies is about an American lawyer trying to defend a soviet spy during the Cold War, and the outcome that his actions have not only for him and his family…

Tom Hanks is superb in the movie, he makes it looks so effortless, it’s easy for the viewer to buy into the character, to empathise, and to feel like him. He achieves that covetable connection with the audience that very few actors are capable of.  The supporting cast is excellent as well and especially Mark Rylance, who along with Tom Hanks, in scenes they appear together, give you the chills with their exceptional delivery of well written, powerful dialogue.

Bridge of Spies tells a great story, with a great script, written by the Coen brothers and Matt Charman, and inspired directing by Spielberg. Although, a bit slow off the mark, it’s an intense and emotional ride. There are some truly shaking moments in the movie that say a lot about the time they are taking place in but also some heart-warming scenes that take your breath away.  No matter how you slice it the fact that it is based on true events makes it even more absorbing to watch.

“Bridge of Spies” is one of the best titled movies you are ever going to see.  Three words that say as much about the movie as any spoiler-filled trailer out there.  It’s a brilliant movie; a Steven Spielberg classic for the ages.

Once again a collaboration between Spielberg and Hanks leads to a fantastic film.