Entourage Review

I was buzzing going into the cinema to watch this movie. Although I have only recently sat down and binge-watched the TV series, I’ve been anticipating to watch their big screen debut and get some more Entourage excitement. The boys didn’t let me down, as they return once again to the city of angels.

Jeremy Piven once again steals the show, the role of agent Ari Gold seems like it was custom made for him. Half of the funny and most hilarious moments happen because of his performance and the wacky character he portrays, just like it was in the show. Furthermore it was great to see that the main boys haven’t lost their touch, each maintaining their old ways. They still offer us the verbal back and forth between them and the banter is as amusing as ever.

Including most of the recurring characters in the show, and great cameos, even some that we are used to seeing in Entourage meant that we were quickly re-familiarized with the LA-Hollywood setting and added a feeling of nostalgia to the mix. Billy Bob Thornton in an pivotal role in the movie was also very important to change it up as much as possible and keep things interesting.

It’s not really movie material through and through, the reason in the first place that it started and lasted 8 seasons on TV. But don’t get me wrong it’s still great comedy, better than most comedy films being released, and it’s even funny for those that haven’t watched the show (as my mate’s reactions would suggest).

Could have been half a season on TV instead of a movie.


The Pleasure of Cinema Popcorn and the Displeasure it causes

Everybody loves to eat something while watching a movie, whether that’s popcorn, sweets, nachos, nuts, anything at all that will keep your hands and jaw occupied to help calm the nerves and suspense that is transferred by the film on show.

However, even though the pleasure of that eating process while at the movie theatre is notable and part of a lot of people’s routine at the movies, it is rather irritating for others, who cannot ignore the sound of crashing popcorns and nachos, and end up focusing on the thing that’s annoying them the most rather than the movie itself. Not to mention how bad it is when someone is near the bottom of the popcorn bag and starts to scrape those last few bits.

The cinema, becomes a house of pain, for the better part of 15 minutes (the average time one takes to finish all the snacks they bought*) the anticipated enjoyment of the movie becomes a mixture of awesome sound effects and the sound of jaws smashing popcorn.

In the rare occasion that I choose to indulge in the popcorn sensation I end up baffled as to why I choose to tolerate the repercussions that come with it, popcorn being stuck in your teeth, taking hours of tongue work to get them out, and the mere fact that whilst chewing it makes it difficult to hear and make out the dialogue in the movie.

The prize for worst snack though, goes to nachos, due to their ability to augment their annoyance status by adding a smell to the sound which I am sure no-one other than the consumer enjoys.

*not by any means a result of research and statistical study

Why 3D cinema is to be disliked

There are a lot of people who do not like watching movies that come out at the cinema in 3D. I know there are some that don’t have a problem with it, or even like it, however I disliked it from the first one that I watched in 3D at the movie theater, that film being Avatar.

Maybe I didn’t realise it at the moment but after watching a lot more 3D movies, I’ve come to the conclusion that 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t work. I know that 1 time out of 10 it might produce incredible results and an amazingly immersive experience like Gravity, but that’s quite rare.

When it doesn’t work it ends up having a negative effect on the movie, with loss of brightness being the worst aspect. Not to mention that the position of your seat has an impact on the picture, with seats in certain areas you will experience loss of colour. This is very irritating especially in fast paced action sequences because it becomes very difficult to make out exactly what is happening. The picture becomes so dark it requires the complete focus of the eyes, sometimes resulting in straining them so much headaches occur.

I prefer to avoid all the antipathetic effects of 3D, thus, whenever given the choice I opt to watch films in the more enjoyable, conventional two dimensions instead.