Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World Review

We have waited so long for a sequel to our beloved franchise. It has been in the making for so many years I’ve lost count. There have been so many scripts and so much playing around with what might and what will be, that if I am being honest I went into this movie excited yet grounded, as I didn’t expect more than a half decent film, and that would have been enough.

Half way through the movie I found myself bored out of my mind, thinking to myself this is so bad. There was nothing interesting nor engaging just a regular day in a theme park, and after a long wait of what we all knew was coming, we did get a gripping final arc lasting almost 30 minutes. Is that enough? No.
Let’s get into it:

Firstly the good. Bryce Dallas Howard is amazing, although her character starts off a bit emotionless, she grows as the story unfolds. She gives a scintillating, diverse performance and she does the best job imaginable to carry all the pieces of the movie. Chris Pratt is really good as well, he oozes coolness and personality and he pulls the role off better than most could. However starting off in the shadow of Dr. Alan Grant (main character portrayed by Sam Neil in the original) his character doesn’t have what it takes to overcome it, he is missing the gravitas that made his counterpart so awesome.

The dinosaurs, which is after all what the movie is about, are just spectacular. Nonetheless they are not involved in the way they ode to be, roaming the park on their own, as they should if we are going to see some jaw dropping scenes. They are shackled, both by the script and literally in the movie.
The narrative is weak, the way it develops becomes clear early on. There are no surprises and the film doesn’t pretend to be something that is not. It tries to stay true to the formula of kids in danger but there doesn’t seem to be any need or place for them. It is just unnecessary and probably could do better without them.

Now to the more technical stuff. The score was the one thing I was most excited about in this movie, John Williams’ soundtrack is one my all-time favorites, embodying everything the Jurassic Park world resembles and it’s still the best part of the film and no disrespect to Michael Giacchinio who is a great composer but the new soundtrack is below par. I do have sympathy for him though, as it is the definition of a tough act to follow. Furthermore there are some great practical effects used in the movie and some amazing CGI. Nevertheless with over-reliance on the CGI, there are times where it doesn’t look too realistic, both from VFX perspective and the actors looking a bit out of place near them.

To conclude, one cannot skip this movie no matter how mediocre it is. With a feeling of nostalgia kicking in when the music theme begins to play, fans of the franchise should probably take the trip to the Island as there seem to be more sequels coming soon. Do not expect the same magic we experienced in the first movie, dinosaurs are still fascinating but ideas are running a bit dry.