Artificial Intelligence

Ex Machina – Review

Alex Garland in his directorial debut, does a wonderful job in bringing the story that he wrote to life. With a minimalistic implementation of his ideas and keeping the exterior as simple as possible he manages to craft an edgy and tense Sci-Fi thriller.

Oscar Isaac is probably the shining light in this movie and once again captivates the viewer with his performance. He takes the form of the character he portrays and remarkably encapsulates his enigmatic and dynamic personality.

It is an intriguing story which sets up things in the most fascinating way, seemingly taking a different approach in working around the AI theme than of those we’ve seen before, but in the it ends up being within the the mold of AI thrillers that we have experienced multiple times. It’s missing in depth exploration of the characters; it unravels too fast and that proves to be its demise. The worst aspect of it is its predictable unpredictability, we might not know exactly how the narrative will unfold, however there are only a few viable options which are crystal clear.

Overall it is rather well made, but what starts off very brightly, doesn’t leave up to what it was building up to be. Maybe due to time constraints but in the end, it leaves a bitter taste and a feeling of what could have been if we had been given the opportunity of a more in depth look rather than just scratching the surface.