Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator Genisys Review

A reboot, a prequel, a sequel, nobody really knows how to categorize this movie.  The Terminator franchise from the original, always used to mess with your head because it brought time travel in the mix.  Terminator Genisys, is a lot more confusing than previous installments due to having a lot of time traveling involved and also a lot of timelines interchanging and altering the original.

Emilia Clarke is cast as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and thankfully Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as the Terminator, although with a new mission.  Emilia Clarke hits the nail on the head with her performance, choosing to portray her character somewhere in between the Sarah Connor of the original and the second Terminator movies and it makes sense that she is not exactly the same as Linda Hamilton in Judgement Day because the events occurred differently for her character.  Jai Courtney, disappoints again with his performance in a major franchise, as he is bland more often than not.  Nevertheless Schwarzenegger steals the show, he still remembers how to put on a good performance as the Terminator, and delivers his punch lines and comedy bits as he only knows how.

The plot is very good, especially for someone that has watched the movies that preceded it; it’s interesting to see how they answer to a few questions (by opening tons of plot holes but whatever) which have been asked since the beginning of the franchise.  Moreover it was great to revisit some of the scenes in the original, although in an altered timeline.  The worst aspect of the movie, has got to be the dialogue, it is so very cringey and in particular scenes (usually between Sarah and Kyle) you just want someone to press fast forward to skip them.

It is unfortunately a bit dialed down in comparison to the rest of the Terminator films, in order to qualify for that “precious” PG-13, however the difference doesn’t really hurt in any way, maybe the action sequences would be a bit more gory and exciting, but its fine as it is. Overall, Genisys is a solid action movie and a good addition to the franchise.


Maggie – Review

This might be another movie built around zombies, but it is definitely not a repetition of the familiar theme. It changes things up and that is its best attribute. The viewer is expecting a zombie apocalypse yet the story is bound by the limits of reality. When one gets infected, the virus requires a certain amount of time before it takes its toll.

There are no action sequences, there are no heroisms with the sole goal of saving the world. This is the story of a father making sure his daughter gets treated right no matter what happens, even if that means taking the most painful path that leads, through fire and flames with no protection and no safety guarantees, to salvation.

The movie takes us on a journey, with father and daughter, from life as they know it to the darkness, to the unknown. Society is as ruthless as always, once again we witness its cruelty and whilst there are a few exceptions, human beings transform into heartless animals when their safety and well-being is in danger.

In the end, it all comes down to the choices we make, the harder they are the bigger impact they will have both on us and those near us. Sometimes those most arduous, need to be chosen in order to protect those we love, but will we be able to handle the negative effects they will most certainly have on us. It’s always easier if someone else can make the choice for us, but we don’t always have the luxury, most of the times the burden falls heavy on our shoulders.

Can a bond between two loved ones be strong enough to withstand the pressure in even the most difficult of times?