Amanda Seyfried

While We’re Young Review

A movie that explores a middle-aged couple’s careers and marriage after meeting a younger more active couple, as they search to find their lost energy and involvement in the ever changing world around them.

I rather enjoyed Ben Stiller’s performance, in the movie he was the main man and although he did act a bit goofy in some moments, he still carried out the role with more seriousness, that you wouldn’t usually associate him with.  Another one that I was reminded is a great actress, was Naomi Watts.  There isn’t much room in the film for massive performances yet there are subtle and small details in both of the aforementioned actors’ performances that made it all a bit more believable and relatable.

While We’re Young is a very good movie, with smart writing and directing, depicting and allowing us to follow interesting themes, and letting us in, at a few people’s lives without choosing sides between comedy and drama. Not everything needs to be black or white in order to be good or for us to understand.

The film is categorized as a comedy but it never feels like one, nor is it a drama, it maintains a social tone throughout and it is an exploration of human behavior, mostly of how we perceive what surrounds us.  What we think about us, others, how we think people will act and react, everything that affects us.


Ted 2 Review

The first movie was very good, good enough for me to watch 2-3 times.  Most importantly it achieved its goal of being amusing and then some. Ted 2, tries to follow the same pattern and succeeds in that regard; however it becomes sillier than its predecessor with less and less witty comedy, trying to be funny at all costs and that ends up costing it its soul.  More often than not it feels lifeless and dull.

The worst aspect of the film, is the messy plot.  There are too many subplots in the effort to create more and more funny situations. The main story is used and dropped accordingly in order to accommodate jokes instead of the opposite. Amanda Seyfried is great in the movie, and is probably the best part of it, adding a lot of charisma and chuckles to the already funny duo of Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane.  Nevertheless it becomes apparent that Mila Kunis’ character was pivotal in the first installment and acted as the glue that kept everything together, adding a more serious tone to it, something that is missing from Ted 2.

There are quite a few funny moments that provide some laughs; after all that is the intention and purpose of the movie in the first place, however there are more jokes and punchlines that miss than those that hit, and that together with the weak plot and story arcs are its downfall.  There are too many impossible events and too many times they take it too far, going over-the-top and passing that fine line of comedy and simply acting stupid.

There are some interesting references to pop culture (a great one with planes, trains and automobiles) but it can be boring and uninteresting at times, too many jokes miss, especially the recurring ones.