Aaron Sorkin

Steve Jobs Review

Steve jobs is by no means a biography. It tells the evolution of Jobs as a person and less so as a computing innovator. It goes through only a few hours of his life at three different product launches that he was major part of, trying to paint a portrait of the man himself.

Michael Fassbender is captivating as the leading actor, with an excellent performance that provides great insight of the personality and way of thinking of Jobs. A tough task considering the very complicated and multi-dimensional person that he was. The cast is comprised of very good actors that give equally good performances, but Fassbender is the standout one, delivering that extra layer to his character that grounds the movie and allows the audience to get a better grasp.

Despite all the talk of great acting, that’s not where the real star of the film lies. The star of the movie is Aaron Sorkin. A man praised for his writing and considered by many to be one of the best scriptwriters around. That is no coincidence, he shows again with Steve Jobs why he is so widely respected with absorbing dialogue that overshadows the cracks and weaknesses of the overall story. The way the story of the movie unfolds, doesn’t allow much room for development of the characters through the narrative. It’s the smart and gripping dialogue that manages to provide the necessary evolution for Jobs, as we see him evolve before our eyes, through the way he carries himself with the people closer to him.

Danny Boyle directs the movie, with a clear idea of what he wanted to depict. The focus isn’t on making Steve Jobs look like a saint or a genius of his time. The magic of this film is showing the flaws and mistakes of the main character, no matter how successful he was, however without completely bypassing the great accomplishments that accompanied those.

Fascinating story with great dialogue that manages to take away the surrounding world.