Kung Fury – Review

The poster says it all really, a short film which consists of everything that is associated with the 80s, killer soundtrack, invincible action hero, unbelievable plot and the most preposterous villain.kung-fury-poster-600x851-600x851

Kung Fury is anything but a serious film, it’s not even an attempt of one, it is however very good comedy and entertainment, making fun of everything action movies in the 80s stood for, it captures the essence of that era and provides a brilliant parody.  All that is impossible becomes possible by bending the rules, is the narrative of the film.  Very smart in the way it goes about it, with exaggeration at its core but without overdoing it and breaking the bounds of what is acceptable.

The soundtrack is fantastic, just by listening to it, you are immediately reminded of those movies that the short is all about.  Together with the actual film, it takes you back to that time.  And that song “True Survivor” during the credits by David Hasselhoff, wraps up everything perfectly, might even leave you with a feeling of nostalgia by the end as well.

One thing is certain though, you will find yourself ticking off movies and video games that had similar action sequences, plots, characters, or any other aspect you can think of.

Here it is if you want to watch: