Spectre Review

Spectre is your regular James Bond movie; 007 is on a mission-leaves a mess behind, gets told off and we are off. The intro is great, accompanied by Sam Smith’s amazing “Writing’s on the Wall” (still not as good as the Skyfall intro but that was perfect), nothing less than what you would expect.

The directing is of top quality, Sam Mendes doesn’t have the best of scripts to work with, but he makes do with the tools he has at his disposal. With a great trademark car chase, great angles in hand to hand combat scenes, and some really great action sequences throughout that are masterfully shot. Except for the inclusion of the odd, tedious shaky camera effect, Mendes did an excellent job.

Daniel Craig is by now one of my favorite Bonds, if not my favorite. It’s the way he carries himself as James Bond, he embodies everything the characters should be about. He possesses the suave that the character is known for but he also adds the emotional side to it and not only when it comes to women. Whilst on the actor front, it’s worth mentioning that Christoph Waltz doesn’t disappoint, however, unfortunately, his screen time is limited.

The plot doesn’t particularly hold up to the Skyfall or Casino Royale standards. It doesn’t contain any major twists or unexpected outcomes, it’s very straightforward. It’s a bit of a classic James Bond movie in that regard, filled with over the top and impossible acts, cheesy and unrealistic conversations that are in place just to fit the plot and move it forward.

It might not be an Oscar contender for best picture, but it’s entertaining, intense and has everything you expect from a James Bond movie.




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