Everest Review

Everest is a film about a climbing expedition based on true events that occurred on Mount Everest in 1996.  I don’t want to give away anything, but most watching a movie about people climbing mountains and specifically Everest will know what to expect.  That doesn’t mean that there is no interest to watch it, because you never know what exactly will happen and most importantly how, unless you already know the story of course.

Going to the cinema to watch Everest, I wasn’t expecting much.  I knew it probably would have been a decent movie but then again I didn’t expect to see anything amazing.  That is mostly true, however to my surprise this film manages to provide some of the most suspenseful sequence that I can remember in recent years.  There is a climax of suspense for about 10 minutes and it is as intense as I’ve ever felt in a film.

Jason Clarke gives a solid performance and so does the rest of the great cast, who help maintain a high level of authenticity to the movie, and combined with the spectacular cinematography and stunning visuals they achieve a great accomplishment and that is engaging the viewer by giving a sense of close spectating to the thick of the action as it unfolds.

There isn’t much in terms of a story dynamic or unpredictability to the plot but that’s not what the movie is about.  The focus is on the people, their actions, the mistakes they make and the repercussions.

Any movie that provokes thinking for a few days following the viewing, must have done something right and is probably worth watching.



  1. Great review. The story is certainly nothing groundbreaking but as you said, it’s more about the people and the mistakes. I’d actually read one of the accounts of the disaster (Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer) and was actually impressed how close the film kept to the actual series of real life events. Even though I knew the outcome, it was refreshing to visualise the story several years later. I would also say that the massive cast all donning mountain clothes was a downside in identifying who’s who but frankly, I felt that lack of who’s meeting what fate added to the stakes and tension in the film. All in all, quite a good movie in my opinion.


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