Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

There is a reason this is one of the longest running franchises in the movie industry.  Instead of diminishing returns in terms of quality with each sequel, Mission Impossible gets better every time (MI: 2 is the obvious exception here).  So how does Rogue Nation fare in the grand scheme of things?

Firstly the one thing that fans of Mission Impossible want to see and is rightly a big part of the movie, is Tom Cruise doing crazy stunts and being involved in action packed scenes.  Just like the audience, Cruise himself seems to have grew into the character of Ethan Hunt and he portrays him to perfection in all possible kind of scenes, drama, comedy or action filled, he simply is Ethan Hunt.  Rebecca Ferguson is a great asset for the movie, she is excellent throughout and she also has a great chemistry with Tom Cruise.  Moreover it was great to see Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames as Benji and Luther respectively return.

The action sequences as we’ve come to expect from the MI series are top notch, they are as good as any and it’s great to see that they are still committed in creating spectacular scenes that get the viewer at the edge of their sit.  There is however one criticism to make, the shaky cam and cutting from one angle to another during hand to hand combat scenes, leaves you imagining the fighting instead of depicting it.

On a final negative note, the story unravels in a very straightforward and not very uncommon way, making it easy to predict, especially for those that have watched the previous movies on repeat.  Of course returning to something familiar is good for fans but to a slightly lesser degree.  The plot isn’t as sharp as it should be and having experienced 4 Mission Impossible movies beforehand, Rogue Nation makes it easy to catch on the usual twists and tricks of the IMF.



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