Chappie Review

Robots are used in a real world application?  Some guy has thought of a new AI that is smarter than humans? Hardly an original concept.

That’s not really criticism of the film, however having a very common premise means that the movie should have something up its sleeve in order to make up for it.  We’ve seen this sort of movies before and as we get closer (probably) to the realization of human like AI, we will seemingly have to go through a lot more.  Although that doesn’t necessarily mean too much, or limit/hurt the possibilities, in this imagining of smart robots the movie doesn’t do anything new for the genre and probably doesn’t even do it any favors.

The plot is at the heart of any movie and when there is a problem with it, subsequently there is a problem with the whole film. Everything is sadly compromised by not having a good story, especially when there isn’t much in regard to action sequences, things that can get the levels of adrenaline high, or captivating performances but that is definitely not the case with Chappie.

The simple fact of the matter is that you can’t have a story with weak main characters that never establish themselves.  Not even Chappie, the robot itself hits the heights it should have as the sole focus of the movie.  I suppose it’s a case of putting all the eggs in the same basket, by choosing not to share the focus between Chappie and some other interesting characters that held important roles.   Furthermore the choice of villains and the rare appearances they make in order to suit the flow of the film are at the very least questionable, they are an aspect that should have been replaced with more sensible storytelling, even if that meant not having conventional bad guys.

Kudos to Hans Zimmer for once again providing a great music score, other than that just mediocrity all around.



  1. Thanks for taking that bullet for me. I’m a sucker for science fiction films. I had been doubtful on this one for a while. Much more looking forward to seeing Automata and Ex Machina.


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