How did we get here? (Ignorance is a blessing)

You know how in movies and TV shows they sometimes show a situation that will happen in the future (or the present, depends on how you look at it) and then take us back to explain how the events unfolded in order to end up in that specific situation? Well that way of telling a story, even though it might be executed to perfection, takes something away from the enjoyment, or even some of the appeal.

Let me break it down.  When we are watching any story develop before our eyes, we are interested in seeing both what will happen and how.  Now if we already know where the story will end up; well then we miss out on one of the elements that makes the plot intriguing and enthralling to follow, even if it’s not the finale, it’s still an end point.

Don’t get me wrong I know that we still get to see all the events that take place up to the moment which we have already witnessed and we still get to enjoy the journey, but it is just a bit less absorbing.  It is as if part of it has been spoiled by the filmmakers allowing us to take a peek into the future.

Can’t we be left in the dark? Just once. Please! 


  1. A good point well made, I think TV shows in particular are terrible at using this as an episode teaser.

    There is something to be said for its use though, don’t you think in some cases it can give us more mystery/tension to work with? If it’s a huge contrast to where we normally expect to see the characters then a more pressing question that the audience will have all the way through would be “How do we get there?”

    That said they can keep that bloody toy in the swimming pool nonsense from Breaking Bad…

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    1. Well i think it doesn’t give more mystery, quite the opposite, you already know the destination, only the how is left. It acts as a taste of what’s to come, to get us interested and absorb as early on, sacrificing perhaps some of the mystery.


  2. I love Hannibal BECAUSE I know something that no other characters know, and I’m happy whenever a character comes to the same realisation as me. I love the dramatic irony. Like Melthane said, I love wondering HOW will get to the place where Hannibal is in prison and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s different from Silence of the Lambs.


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