TV review-iZombie Episode 2

In iZombie’s second episode we are thrown right in the mix with the characters as if we had been watching the show for a long time now-somehow it manages to feel familiar.  Liv is such an entertaining persona, with new aspects to her character, something which seems to be a theme that will occur every week, that always provide a good chuckle, augmented by another fine performance by Rose McIver. The witticisms and puns she continuously makes always hit a nerve and never fail to be hilarious whilst she remains very likable and charming in her own weird way.

This week we got to see a bit of the villainous side of the show and it got just a bit more interesting even thought it is not evident as of yet what the angle is.  However it was a good development to the base story that was already in place as of the last episode.  Another solid and entertaining episode accompanied with discovering a potential nemesis for Liv are elements that make for a week of  enhanced anticipation until the next episode.

Episode 2 in any series is usually what defines if you are really into it and you want to keep watching or you think that it is just  not good enough, or at the very least it’s when you make an assessment and decide if you should stop watching or not (sometimes you need to watch 3 episodes to make that decision).  As for this particular episode 2 it definitely gets the green light to keep watching.  It will take a huge (negative) effort to stop me from watching the rest of the season.


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