TV review – The Last Man on Earth ~Episode 1-2

Talk about innovative and new ideas.  Most of the time we slack Hollywood for reusing and recycling the same stories, similar characters and all the rest of it.  However this time they take a rarely used concept and make something out of it.

Will Forte as the creator and writer of the show, has done a brilliant job, to first introduce the character with a rather explanatory and tone setting first episode with less laughs and more drama and then a funny, diverse and more than entertaining second episode.  He also stars in the show and he delivers to the maximum.  Combining both physical comedy and also smart script which never fails to be hilarious.  Needless to say the decision to air the first two episodes together was a stroke of genius, since they compliment each other so very much.

The Last Man on Earth has already people talking about it and I am very interested to see how Will Forte decides continue the story.  Can he keep things funny and entertaining with this minimal cast or will more people be added to keep things interesting.  For now, everything that has happened within the show has worked a charm and I am not to bothered about what’s to follow but rather excited and anxious. It’s a must watch show for anyone with an appreciation for comedy.


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