TV review-Shameless Episode 9

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season and totally encapsulated what the show is about. We are really starting to see inside Carl’s brain and understand what he is thinking and it seems that he will be very important to the development of the narrative with his deranged, gangster like attitude. We didn’t get to see much of Ian or Debbie, which is not a bad thing as their story arcs this season haven’t really set the world alight. The star this week was Frank, once again finding new interests to keep feeding his addiction, no not alcohol but that of doing crazy, stupid things. However he is a bit cryptic this time as he is yet to reveal his angle on this new interest of his.

All the characters that got some real face time, moved into interesting territories and it seems like we’ll get new situations to entertain us. It was mostly a funny episode whilst not forgetting to include a few more serious tones to it; it was rather enjoyable.


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