Movie Review-Horrible Bosses 2

For the majority of the film the silliness and stupidity of Kurt and Dale, that Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day excellently portray, accompanied by the more serious but equally crazy Nick, played by the stupendous Jason Bateman is very funny but during certain scenes it starts to feel a bit too much and somewhat forced leading to a few moments where the jokes fall a bit flat and end up making the characters look like straight-out imbeciles (mostly Kurt and Dale).

The story follows a similar approach to the first movie but still tries to mix things up, making it a familiar but different narrative, not often the case in comedy sequels where they attempt to replicate the successful formula of what preceded. It unfolds at a fast pace with a few twists along the way, some expected and some not, always keeping things interesting and more importantly entertaining.

Chris Pine shows that he has real comedy chops as he has a significant role in the film and is pure genius in his role as Rex. Everything he touches in the movie turns into comedy gold. He works so well with the 3 main stars and whenever the four of them appear on screen at the same time, it’s not just raining, it is pouring laughs.

All the actors that appear in cameo roles, Christoph Waltz, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston do a good job to add an extra dimension to the movie and help exaggerate a few situations a bit more to squeeze a couple more laughs.

The movie is a very fun ride and the quick tempo allows the comedians in the lead to do their magic and get the most out of a good but sometimes laboured script by providing us a plethora of laughs.


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